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Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

In Newsletters on July 5, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Everyone has “stuff”, right? Did you know, you have emotions, decisions or responsibilities attached to all the “stuff” you have.

  1. Emotion – This item makes you feel inspired, happy, sad, etc…
  2. Decision – This item needs you to decide if you are keeping it, fixing it, selling it, or storing it until it collects so much dust you decide to throw it away.
  3. Responsibility – This item is something that requires your attention and your energy. You acquire another pet, technology or clothing. At some point these items need cleaning, fixing and maintenance.

Now think about all the stuff that is stealing your energy away through the emotions, decisions and responsibilities that are related. This is why it is so important to simplify.

The word “stuff” represents not only physical stuff, but also mental “stuff”. The thousands of thoughts you have daily, consciously and unconsciously are also stealing your energy. How often does the same thought repeat in your mind in order not to forget to pick up the kids or call your friend. This is why it is important to simplify your mind.

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How Much Clutter Is Too Much Clutter?

In Newsletters on July 5, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Have you been purging your clutter, or at least gearing up to make an attempt? Are you ready to decide what can be tossed or donated? How many shovels do you need for gardening? How many toys does a child really need? Do you really need to have 10 bathing suit options?

Questions to ask yourself

  1. Does the item fit the space you are provided?
  2. Are you happy with the organizational level of your space?
  3. Can you safely and easily access these items and put them into use?
  4. Do you have enough money to continue acquiring?

If most of your answers were yes then some light purging from time to time should be fine! If you answered no, it’s possible you could use some deeper purging and reorganization.

Gauge The Level Of Your Clutter

A happy balance should be your goal when it comes to how much stuff you own. My opinion is, “enough to get by, but as little as possible. ”If you need a gauge to see what level you are at, consider pondering the two extremes of living; minimalists and hoarders. Then try to match yourself somewhere in the middle.


  1. have less, so that they can live more.
  2. usually desire quality over quantity.
  3. recycle everyday items for a purpose rather then making a purchase.
  4. surround themselves only by the items that they absolutely love.
  5. use items that are multi-functional, practical and versatile.
  6. Video about minimalists

Hoarders have…

  1. stacks of newspapers, magazines or junk mail
  2. rooms and furniture that lose their original purpose and become strictly storage spaces
  3. continued aquisition without enough purging
  4. difficulty making decisions and commonly procrastinate
  5. Video about the negative effects of clutter