As a well respected professional organizer and or organizing consultant, Christen has been unofficially helping others with home organization since 1998. In 2009 she officially branded her business, iOrganize, whose services include common living spaces to large storage areas.
Born and raised in Bucks County Pennsylvania, Christen has always had an affinity for elements of organization and spatial awareness. Her ability to organize came naturally, and at an early age. Christen began her career by a family who was raising quadruplets. This involved structuring the day and bringing organization to the house. During her high school years she was asked to assist friends and family with the spaces in their homes. Once the projects were completed, her talents were unveiled. Her experience in retail helped her learn to create customized organizational systems for others. Christen’s passion for organizing is reflected in the beautiful surroundings that she creates. An ability to collaborate with her clients and meet their specific needs has earned her a well deserved reputation as a true professional.


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