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1 Habit Change To Be More Organized

In Newsletters on October 17, 2013 at 7:14 pm


Ever get behind someone at the grocery store that takes a little longer checking out than the average person? Well, it may be that person is taking their time to stay organized. Slowing down is the one habit that can immediately boost your organization in life. I have listed some examples below.

Grocery Store: Take your time. There is no rush. Put your receipts, money, credit cards away where they need to go. Don’t shove them away just because you don’t want to hold people up for an extra 15 seconds.

Walking Out The Door: Stop and think. Do I have everything I need? Car keys, wallet, change of clothes for the gym etc….

Making Plans With Others: Don’t immediately make plans unconsciously, wait, check your calendar, look at how that day will feel, what about the day before or after?

*It might feel uncomfortable to slow down like this, but try it in smaller areas. Before you spring out of bed and go into robot mode, pause, and use this thought process; Are my basic human needs met before I can begin my day? Did I eat, drink water etc… If you find it challenging to think it through, bounce it off a friend or use pen and paper as a visual aid for your thoughts.