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Versatility is an object capable of many uses. Also, as a versatile person, you are capable of or can turn easily from one to another of various tasks. Versatility is very important when you want to get organized and live simply. So many of us have specific gadgets or items that serve only one specific task or purpose. Start to recognize the areas of you life that you can be more versatile.
Organizing Tools

Be cautious of committing to very specific or large organizing tools such as drawer sets or racks. If your space changes you will lack flexibility to shift with it. Instead of a set of drawers, go with stackable drawers that you can break down and move around.

Classic examples are: storage ottomans, bench’s with a shoe storage compartment underneath, the pull-out sofa or futon, and don’t forget the dog crate end table! Although, I have yet to meet anyone who has one.

Adjustable, adjustable, adjustable! Nothing is worse then all of your belongings fitting so beautifully onto a shelf and then, bam, that ONE object that won’t fit. Organizers nightmare!

Of course there are absolutely wonderful products that are perfect for the one purpose they serve. Just make sure that you weed out the rest. Which kitchen gadget do you value the most?

It can be a challenge to schedule your life, but it can always be a challenge to constantly fly by the seat of your pants. Find balance in between the two. Everyday you run into unexpected challenges. Be sure to schedule, open time, into your routine. Time set aside for nothing. When that time comes you have versatility and flexibility to choose what needs your attention most. When your time is filled, everything starts to pile up.