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Feng Shui For The Holiday Season

In Newsletters on December 7, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Feng shui is the art of creating an environment around you in line with positive energy, nature, and flow. It supports good health, wealth, relationships, creativity and more. Basically, it’s how you feel when you walk into a space. Find some peace around the holiday madness from the tips below.

  • Your home is an outward representation of what is going on inside of you.
  • Valuable real estate is any space waist to eye level.
  • Keep clothes that you fit into NOW. You should feel beautiful NOW!
  • Attics with clutter are heavy energy looming over your head.
  • Clear the front door entrance to house. It represents your approach to the world.
  • Clear the back door area. Don’t constipate your house.
  • Clear anything behind doors and passageways. Smooth transitioning from room to room and energy flow.