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How Large Is Your Hobby?

In Newsletters on March 3, 2014 at 11:56 am


One day after watching a classical concert, I watched the orchestra pack up their instruments and leave. The flute players were up and out! The violinists carefully packed their violins in their cases and went on their way. As for some of the orchestra members, such as the cellist and the drummer, they had their work cut out for them! The size of their instruments were much larger and needed extra care and time to pack away for transport. I began to picture them as children choosing their instrument without realizing the size of their future hobby. Wasn’t anyone there to help them think it through? Of course you can’t deny a passion for something if it is meant to be, but if it was me I would go for the piccolo! Just joking, because I actually chose the guitar. The point is simply, when choosing a hobby think it through!
These are the type of thoughts that occur to me when selecting what items will be entering the place I live. I constantly ask myself questions such as, is there space for it? Will I keep up the responsibilities that are needed to maintain it? Do I have the budget for it?
It’s similar to when a child yearns and begs for a new puppy. We explain to them all the different scenarios that will be a part of owning a pet. Feeding, grooming, vet bills etc…
How large is your hobby?!