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Organize The Kitty Litter!

In Newsletters on January 10, 2014 at 3:48 pm


I have always had a cat as a pet, so you could say that I have been mastering the art of kitty litter my whole life. Nothing frustrates me more than litter getting tracked through the house or around the litter box. Also, I strive to maintain a neutral odor! I have found a few wonderful solutions to keep your cats bathroom in order!

Litter – Fresh Step – Odor Shield. I love how it clumps and eliminates odor! Due to limited space, my litter box is in the bathroom and I scoop it once or twice a week. Even with my incredible sense of smell, I NEVER have trouble with odor.

Rug – Something soft and thick to catch litter. (I use a fake white fur mat from Target) I tried to use door mats but my cat would hop over it because of the texture. The key is something your cat will step on and litter will sink into and stay put until you shake it out.

Paw Wiper – I buy a cardboard scratch box from the grocery store and set it right outside the litter box entrance. When my cat exits the litter box she sharpens her claws(wipes her paws) and the litter falls down into the small openings of the box!

Scooping tools – I keep multiple plastic bags together with a scooper wrapped in a plastic bag together a few feet away for quick and easy maintenance.

Extra clean – Every few months I completely empty out the bin and wipe it down really well.