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Productivity Tip

In Newsletters on March 3, 2015 at 5:18 am

Sometimes you may procrastinate on a task or project and not understand why. You may have even made a list of “to-dos”. But what exactly are the words that you are writing down? Are you trying to do a task that takes multiple steps? Long lists of vague tasks can be a very overwhelming feeling and an easy one to avoid. What’s important is breaking it down by asking, “What is the next action?”
The following information I learned is from David Allens book, “Getting Things Done.” The art of stress free productivity. I incorporate it into my every day.
If you find yourself trying to accomplish a task or project try asking yourself, “What is the next action?” When doing this, be specific. Being too general or vague keeps you from jumping right into action. Provide yourself with an action word that leads you directly into what needs to be accomplished. Next time you revisit that project, you don’t have to slow your mind down to decide what is next!
*Sometimes the next step is simply taking 5 minutes to decide what the steps will be! But you have to recognize that!