Keeping Up With Electronics

In Newsletters on August 5, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Keeping Up With Electronics

Do you have piles of old electronics laying in an attic or basement, outdated or broken? Not sure what to do with them?
Cell Phones:

Sell it on the websites that specializes in selling your old phones.
Donate it to “Cell phones for soldiers”.
Give it back to the company you purchased it from to be recycled or reused.

Get any information off of it that you may need from a computer pro.
Look up a local computer drop off location in your area.
Staples offers a great recycling program for FREE and some small fees may apply.

Scrap metal yards will pay you for per lb for the copper inside.
General electronics or batteries:

Donate to charities or non-profits if in working order.
Recycle at local drop off locations such as recycling centers, scrap metal yards and or electronic stores. and Craigslists are great hubs for recycling and donating.


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