“Personal Organizing Trainer”

In Newsletters on April 4, 2014 at 3:10 pm


The word “personal trainer” usually refers to someone who teaches others how to train their bodies to stay fit and healthy. Well, it hit me the other day that a professional organizer is in the same family of professions, except for the fact that we are training people to be more organized.
From learning different ways to think or how to change your habits, organizing is a transferred skill or a natural knack your born with. Getting more organized isn’t always about buying storage bins, more shelves and drawers. It’s changing the way you look and think about your home, your belongings and your life!
Below are some ways to see things a little different:
  • Desk space: Do you have all of the resources nearby to avoid getting up to fetch or file? Strive to have everything you need to be productive within a swivel of your desk chair.
  • Hard to reach areas: What items are hard to put away because of their location? Are the batteries located in a hard to reach spot? Make them more accessible and avoid using awkward spaces as storage for easy clean up.
  • Kids: Get down to their level and see through their eyes when organizing their stuff. Remember how visual they are at a young age.
  • How many steps does it take? When putting away a spool of thread, you go to the hallway closet, open the door, turn on the light, search for the unlabeled bins, unstack a few boxes on top and pull out the box of thread. When you need to quickly sew something, wouldn’t you prefer to walk up to a drawer and grab what you need? It’s no wonder I avoided sewing for so long!

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