How Much Time Do You Really Have?

In Newsletters on October 5, 2011 at 4:25 pm

Often, we don’t realize how much time we really have to take care of tasks, tackle projects, spend time with family or have alone time. We try to squeeze too much into our days and end up unsatisfied, with an ongoing checklist sitting on the counter. The purpose of this exercise is to aid you in setting up an ideal schedule for your life. First you want to write down your realistic schedule.

1.Get out a blank sheet of paper.
2. Across the top write down Monday through Sunday with enough space under each day.
3. Think of all of the commitments you MUST do and all the hats you wear, fill them in under the appropriate day. Ex: Work 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. PTA every Wed. night 7pm to 8pm. .
4. Don’t forget self maintenance. Ex: Getting up and getting yourself ready for the day. Getting the kids up and getting ready. How long does it take? What is the guaranteed time you are always awake and ready? Block out that time for those morning routines.
5. Remember to include cleaning, eating, cooking, and grocery shopping. Add all the routines you have every day, week, month that you don’t account for.
6. Leave open time! Don’t cram your schedule. Leave time to relax, exercise, eat, think, breath, read, spend time with family or nothing! This creates balance, versatility and flexibility in your life. If there isn’t any open space, what happens when something unexpected pops up? Everything gets postponed and pushed to the side, only to pile up waiting for you later. If nothing pops up, you have some extra time to choose what to fill it with.

After you block out the things you must do, you have a visual of all the remaining time that you actually have to take care of the to-do list your making each day. No time left?! Day is jam packed?! It’s time to prioritize what is important in your life and let go a little. Less is more. Somethings gotta give.

Time yourself!
Not sure how long the morning routine takes? How long does it really take to do your weekly cleaning tasks? Challenge yourself by watching the clock. You might surprise yourself. Guess first then try! This is a good way to practice time management. Recommended for children also.

Ideal vs. Realistic
There are two different types of schedules. Your ideal schedule and your realistic schedule. I would do this exercise twice and write down what you would consider ideal and what realistically happens now. Compare the two and consider how to begin easing your way into an ideal schedule.

Life should be fun! It’s up to you to make it happen!


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