The Journey To Living An Organized Life

In Newsletters on November 7, 2011 at 12:51 pm

The latest organizing tidbit at the top of my mind has been, “You don’t need to organize a space that is simple.” When we have too much clutter in our living spaces, we have to continually reorganize and shift. The best solution to any organizing project is, size down what you have so it fits like a glove!
It takes time to get to the highest level of living simply, a.k.a living within the space provided to you. There is a journey involved and it usually takes baby steps. See below, to determine your level.

1.High Level
Living simple. Living within the space provided.
No piles, everything fits easily in it’s place.
You are surrounded only by the things you absolutely love.
You have an even balance of memorabilia, current deco. and future inspired items in your home.
You use everything you have. Before bringing more items into the home, you ask yourself the right questions. Do I have space for it? Will I use it? Do I love it?

2.Mid Level
Living in between. You have raised the bar on your organizing standards in certain areas and are now trying to match the rest of your house to that level.
Starting to cut out areas in your life that are not priority and realizing what is important and worth your time.
Aware of time management issues. Letting go of unnecessary clutter your holding onto and things that you realize you will never get to.
Piles may exist but are no longer miscellaneous items bundled together.
You have purged areas in your home but need to continue to revisit them before they pile up.
You are beginning to limit what new items come into the household.

3.Low Level
Living in clutter.
Over committed.
Unrealistic with time management and physical clutter your holding onto.
There are piles of miscellaneous items in and around your living space.
You are surrounded by the things you love, which are covered by things that simply blend into the room.
You have boxes of memorabilia that you never look through that take up functional storage spaces.
There are items that you purchased that you never used.

To shift from each level takes time. It takes several rounds of purging for the average person to realize what items are truly worth holding onto. Your standards continue to rise as you purge. When you revisit that area, you are ready to simplify even more.

A person who is determined to make big changes in their life will be the one to jump from level to level quickly.


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