Being Organized = Being Prepared

In Newsletters on June 8, 2012 at 8:05 pm

There are many frustrating situations that can be avoided if you plan or think ahead. Preventive maintenance is key!



You need to log into a website, call your credit card company and you don’t remember your username, password, and/or security code. Keep all your usernames and passwords together in one place either in a composition book, notepad, contact manager, word document, or password storage application. *Please note that there are privacy issues for all of these options and it is good to use whichever feels safer to you. I use an application called Password Gorilla.


The keys to your home or car cannot be found! Make spares and gave to friends or family and keep the others available.


With so many gadgets becoming wireless extra batteries are a must! Don’t run out! You can buy a universal battery charger for $20-$30 that will charge 5 different types of batteries! Also, rechargeable batteries can be recycled! Make the switch!


Your phone, ipod, laptop is dying and you forgot your charger!Keep spares in your car or travel bags. Also, there are charging stations that will charge multiple devices. Check out the iHome charging station or Belkin Conserve Valet.


Need a copy of a birth certificate, 2nd proof of I.D, or updated car insurance and registration for the cop that just pulled you over? Make copies and keep them handy.

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