How Long Does It Really Take?

In Newsletters on July 5, 2012 at 10:11 pm

You may be overwhelmed because you have too many voicemails, texts and emails piling up. You have stacks of papers to process and make decisions on. You may have business cards from the last networking event you attended, that need your attention. You might think that it will take you long into the night to process or deal with them but recently iOrganize has been keeping track of time. You might be surprised with how long it really takes.

Business Cards

1-2 minutes to enter a business card into your computer.

Cancel A Magazine

3-4 minutes to cancel a magazine that you always throw away or never read.


It took a client 1 hour to process 6 months of paper work that needed to be filed. That is approx. 3 minutes of filing per day to keep papers in order. *We had previously set up her filing system, so she did have accessible homes for the paper.

Pack and Unpack

I know when I need to plan for a trip that I need approx. 1 hour to pack and unpack. So The day before and day after a trip I make sure I schedule in that time.

When you know how long an activity usually takes you, it’s easier to include it into your schedule. Start paying attention to see how long it really takes, you’ll be surprised.


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