Organizing Clothes – Dealing with Multiple Sizes

In Newsletters on August 3, 2012 at 3:08 am


Be happy with who you are and how you look NOW. This statement encourages you to live in the moment and have peace now. It is also important to be content with where you are in life and the choices that you have made up to this point. After all they are all your choices and no one else’s. However, it’s understandable that everyone may not be at this specific point in their life to accept or understand. I wanted to list a few ideas or questions that may help you tackle your closet and all those different sizes. See below for common reasons people save clothes they never wear.


It is part of a memory that they don’t want to forget.Take pictures of the memorabilia clothes, they take up less space. Donate to someone who would really appreciate having them. Or, at least box them up & give yourself closet space. (cringe!)

“The old me”

I used to dress like this and I don’t want to let go of the old me. I recommend reflecting and searching for why you are wasting space, time and energy on missing your old self when you could be inspired by the person you are becoming or turning into!

Smaller sizes

“I am going to get back down to that size again.” Don’t leave it open ended. Give yourself a deadline or a goal. Incorporate a way of living and eating that you can build on vs. diets that are only short lived.

Bigger sizes

What if I gain the weight back? This may represent your way of thinking. You may live in fear, worry and have many negative thoughts? It is important to have confidence and trust in yourself. By leaving those large sizes you allow yourself that option. Reflect on how to increase positive thinking and ways to boost your confidence.


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