Clear The Stairs!

In Newsletters on September 6, 2012 at 4:08 pm

“Just lay it on the stairs” you say? Then it becomes a catchall or a pile of homeless items? The Feng Shui standard is, to leave all walking space open and clear of clutter for smooth transitioning from room to room. I recommend striving to keep the stairs clear. This may not be realistic for everyone so let’s explore some other options.

Just Do It!

Take it right up the stairs already! When something becomes a habit, it becomes a part of everyday life. This will take some motivation. Leave a note for yourself on the steps that says, “No!” to help remind yourself.

15 Minute Cleanup

Everyday include a 15 minute clean up around the house and include clearing the stairs. It is VERY interesting to see how much you can get done if you tidy up for 15 minutes a day!

Define The Pile

 At least contain the clutter and provide yourself with a presentable basket. Once it gets full. It’s time to empty it out.


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