The Importance of Planning

In Newsletters on October 5, 2012 at 2:53 pm


A key characteristic of an organized person is the ability to plan. Planning involves stopping and thinking through the events ahead of you, whether it be the rest of your afternoon or a family trip next summer. If this is something you lack, it is a great time to start planning how to plan!
5 Minutes of planning is priceless vs. hours of time lost to mistakes and inefficiency. It also helps to have a clear head and a quiet space to help your brain along. It’s not good to continue to roll from one task to another without stopping to think or plan. This is where you actually end up losing time.
Slow down! Sit down with pen and paper in hand or blank text document on your computer. Take a step back from what your trying to accomplish. Write down the multiple steps involved to accomplish your goal. Think it through. Ask someone to help you bounce ideas around. We have thousands of thoughts and hundreds of tasks rolling around in our heads.
Let’s face it, sometimes the unexpected happens, but when you plan ahead it gives you a margin for error and breathing room.

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