15 Minutes A Day

In Newsletters on July 3, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Several years ago I heard a tip on tv that said, “Clean your house for 15 minutes each day.” At that point I was struggling with house cleaning habits, so it sounded like a realistic idea for me. I began to experiment with that and was really surprised to see the results! At first I was tackling the normal cleaning routine such as picking up or finishing dishes in the sink. Once I continued the routine for a few weeks I found myself getting into deeper cleaning projects and searching for things to clean. It was a great way to maintain the home I lived in.
I think this 15 minute theory to keep a house clean would also work well for keeping things organized. Most people do not focus their time just to specifically organize. Organizing is usually mixed in while cleaning or doing an overhaul when an area gets too cluttered. I find that many people do not have organizing maintenance habits. I wonder if it is due to not thinking about organizing until it becomes a problem.
Busy or large households would especially benefit from this 15 minute method because of how long it usually takes to put items away in a home that has many rooms or floors. 15 minutes a day to grab a bin and collect random items and put them away would help keep the house organized. When children’s toys are involved, I know it can be quite a challenge to have to go put each little piece away. Give it a try! Imagine if you included your family!


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