How Long Will It Take To Organize My Space?

In Newsletters on August 1, 2014 at 7:22 am

After 6 years of organizing with 87 clients I have collected a list of average times it takes to organize all of the different rooms of a house. Of course this when I have worked either side by side or simply given direction to someone to go at it on their own. What is important to understand is the steps of an organizing project; Purge, Sort, Organize, and Maintain. So these times reflect following through with those steps.

Coat Closets 3 hours
Kitchens 6 hours
Bedroom Closets 6 hours
Attic 12 – 24 hours
Garage 12 -24 hours
Basement 12 – 24 hours
Office 3-4 days 8 hours uninterrupted

See My Portfolio for more projects with more estimated time examples.


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