Organizing Children

In Newsletters on September 5, 2014 at 5:16 pm

Children’s toys evolve and change in shape, size and quantity throughout the years. In order to keep up, provide yourself with organizational systems that are flexible. Whether it’s cubbies with containers or units with slide-in drawers. These two systems have many successful qualities to keep your home free of toy clutter. No lids to keep track of, rearrangeable containers that can easily be shifted around and incorporated into a twin system in another room. These systems require few very steps to get toys out and cleaned up.

Tips for organizing with children:

Get them involved in purging and sorting. Making decisions and letting go are helpful life lessons to learn.
Provide pictures on the outside of containers for young children for clean up time.
Get down to their level of reach and sight when helping them organize their belongings.
Putting away toys allows the kids to rediscover them over and over without getting bored.
Open shelving or trunks are great for those bulky odd shaped toys.
Keeping toys in order gives them more value than toys that lay around and become broken.
Make clean up fun! Make it a game, give rewards and encourage.


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