Avoiding Mis-Matched Containers

In Newsletters on October 9, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Have you ever needed to buy more of a specific organizing container and wasn’t sure where to find a match for it? I recently discussed this with a client and decided to look into it and get answers.

Item # : Hopefully your container might just have an item number on it that you can reference online or at the store you purchased it from.

Buy popular brands or lines: I called the company Sterilite and left a message to ask for their opinion. Their response was; just as other companies keep their products new and fresh so do we. However there is always the classic line of containers that stick around because they are popular. Some of the not so popular will come and go. Therefore leaving you with mis-matched organizing tools.

Buy in bulk: If you have the storage space then I would recommend buying a set of multiples in case you decide to add more. It is always helpful to have empty multi-sized containers on hand.

*The Container Store has its own line of containers. This boot box size is one of my favorites especially for children’s memorabilia. Those art projects can be quite large, so this shallow bin tends to be very accommodating. Also is slides under a bed for easy access!


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