Wrap Christmas Gifts In Minutes!

In Newsletters on December 5, 2014 at 12:04 am

I purchased a few Christmas gifts this week and due to my limited living space my wrapping paper station is in an under-bed storage bin. I really like where it is because when I slide it out I have the whole floor or bed as a work station. Unless of course, I want to go into another room to watch TV while I wrap, I can take it anywhere. Also, I don’t have to go into Christmas decorations to pull it out. As I easily slid it out, I was very happy to see that last year I had included everything I needed in order to get my presents wrapped quickly.

Horizontal Storage:

In my under-bed bin I have a ziplock bag of scissors, tape and gift tags. Also in this same bin I have mailing envelopes, tissue paper, gift bags, ribbon and a few small boxes for shipping. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great container that offers the same setup but, has pockets to help you sort the smaller items. Horizontal Storage Bin.

Vertical Storage:

You can setup a wrapping station similar to one like mine. If you don’t have horizontal space, go with wrapping paper storage containers or simply a smaller garbage can. To be honest, I find that many of those specific wrapping paper container lids never work or fit after you load different length wrapping paper rolls. If you want to give this storage container a try at least get one with storage in the lid for tape and scissors. Vertical Storage


If you have the space, such as a craft room or spare room, try a wrapping paper station cart. A client of mine purchased one and really loves it. It’s setup year round and ready to go at any moment. Wrapping Paper Carts


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