Ways To Shred Your Confidential Papers

In Newsletters on January 16, 2015 at 12:47 am

There are multiple ways you can shred your confidential papers. You can do it yourself or you can delegate it. Some ways are free and some have a price. Here are the multiple options available if you find yourself falling behind with your shredding. iOrganize will be offering a shredding service in the near future that will allow you to see the shredding done in front of you and in the comforts of your home for a great competitive price!

Buy A Shredder

You can buy shredders that shred 5 sheets at a time or even 20 sheets at time. Prices range from $20 to $500 for a reasonable sized shredder for your home. Size is also something to consider. What is important is that your shredder is somewhere in your home where it is easily accessible whenever you have paper to shred. Because I bring my shredder to appointments, I can only carry a medium sized shredder. The shredder I have been using for my business for 6 years is this Dynex 10 Sheet Cross Cut. It shreds 10 pages at a time along with credit cards and compact discs. Another great shredder I have used was this Staples – Mail Mate. This little thing is a beast and can shred 12 pages at a time but fills quickly. Very compact if you don’t have a lot of space.

Drop If Off At A Business

Staples & Office max offer shredding per pound. Approx. .80 cents per pound. The only issue is that you don’t see it get shredded and for some people that is not good enough. Sometimes they will shred it in front of you if someone is available to do so and the amount of shredding is small enough.

Drop It Off At A Shredding Event

Most events have a small fee of $10 a box, but you have to wait until the event comes around every year while your shredding sits around.

Hire A Pickup Service

The average price of a home visit is $100. Some companies can shred it in front of you or some take it away and shred it later.


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