Going Paperless with Neat

In Newsletters on February 12, 2015 at 4:07 pm

I recently had the opportunity to work with one of the new products from the company Neat. It was the NeatDesk Scanner

My client had purchased it and she wanted to scan in some photos for a project. Without knowing much about this machine I got started and it was rather simple to use. There were three slots available to add documents; business cards, and receipts. The scans were fast and were saved right to the computer. What a big difference compared to a regular printer scanner.

After using the NeatDesk For Mac for 3 hours to scan only photos, it got me curious as to how many people are really having paperless lives due to scanning their documents. After reading some reviews, it seems that it could possibly be more labor intensive to try to go paperless depending on what type of papers you have in your life and also how tech savvy you are.

I think anyone would benefit from this product if they have paper archives taking up space. The software is supposed to be able to read the documents that your scanning and file them in your computer, but it seems that you still have to double check to make sure it is filing correctly. From what I am gathering, this scanner would be good for a one and done project of inactive documents. But if your trying to constantly scan papers in every day and your not technically inclined or patient, it may not be the fix for your paper clutter.

So in my opinion going paperless with NeatDesk may not be as smooth for everyone. Quickly popping a paper into your filing cabinet might still be the simplest way to organize your paper.


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