Do You Really WANT To Be Organized?

In Newsletters on April 30, 2015 at 5:26 am

Our society has a tendency to place a lot of pressure on how we maintain our homes. Many may feel embarrassed to have a messy home to the extent of hiding piles when company comes over. This outside influence to be organized creates pressure for many people, way above what they may desire and how they prefer to function. Remember that messy doesn’t always necessarily mean unorganized.

As much as I am a fan of living simple and being organized, it is relative. My level of simplicity certainly does not match everyone else. So when I show up to work with a new client, some of my first questions are to find out why they want to organize their space. Also, where does their motivation come from? It is within these questions that we can discover if their true desires to be more organized is there.

When I get a call to work with a client and it is coming from a friend or family member a red flag goes up for me. Does the person that they are volunteering want me to be there? If they are not willing, and/or do not care to be more organized, it will be an uphill battle.

My point is that if you have struggled with staying organized for a long time and you sit with that thought for awhile, it is possible you could be unconsciously trying to keep up with societies pressure of keeping your house like Martha Stewart. Ok, so your house might be a little messy, but if it isn’t bothering you, and it isn’t creating any health or life problems then you might be able to find peace in that thought.

This might sound weird coming from me. But my focus is to help people find peace in their homes. To make life easier in the place you rest your head and relax with your family. I myself have to remember that I don’t need to be perfectly organized at all times, especially if it is coming from a place of anxiety that people will judge me because of my business. I am at peace with my current level of organization.


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