Recycle Toxic Clutter

In Newsletters on May 8, 2015 at 6:01 pm

Oil based paints, wood stains, weed killers, pool chemicals, pesticides, flammable liquids, antifreeze, CFL lightbulbs, lead acid batteries are examples of toxic clutter sitting around our homes. Disposing many of these items into the trash is illegal and extremely toxic to our environment. However, finding a place to correctly dispose of them might be challenging. Here are some answers and resources.

If you contact your local township they should be able to direct you to all local resources available for disposal. If your lucky, your township will offer toxic recycling locations periodically throughout the warmer months. It is possible to go to different locations such as mechanics for motor oil, firehouse for flammable items, hardware stores for neon lights or cfl bulbs. But running around to all different stores can be time consuming. Finding a “one stop shop” to get rid of all your toxic clutter is a lot easier.

This summer iOrganize will pickup your toxic recycling for a small fee if you live in the general area.It is limited to 25 gallons or 200 lbs. worth of toxic material per. day.

Here are the schedules for my two local county toxic recycling program schedule.  Montgomery County,PA

Bucks County,PA


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