How To Let Go When You Have An Emotional Attachments To A Material Object

In Newsletters on March 9, 2022 at 3:42 pm

I LOVE snowboarding! Many moons ago I bought myself a new snowboard. I outgrew it, I didn’t spend much on it but I had an emotional attachment to it. It provided me freedom, expression and fun during high school. Finally I realized that it was not getting any use and was sitting around collecting dust. I had trouble with the idea of letting it go. It was possible to turn it into a shelf or a bench or something creative but it still had plenty of life left. Someone out there would be thrilled to have it.

I live a pretty minimal life and I don’t prefer to have things sitting around if I have no use for it. It was hard to think about simply donating it anywhere. I came up with an idea to help myself let it go. There are so many people out in the world that would value our “junk”. I did not have a close friend or family member to give it to. That is an idea I would usually suggest to a client.

My solution was craigslist! I listed it on craigslist for free. I requested emails explaining why they would like a snowboard. I got a wonderful email from a woman who had a daughter in college that needed one. She was planning a trip with her friends to learn and didn’t have a huge budget to rent or buy. I met the mother in a parking lot and was able to pass my snowboard along. It fulfilled the emotional need in order to let go.

If you struggle with letting go, look for those who would value it and get better use out of it.


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