Sorting Tips for Decluttering Projects – Relocate Bins

In Newsletters on March 15, 2022 at 3:41 pm

When I go to a client’s house to help them declutter I bring multiple sized plastic sorting bins. There is one specific bin that always has the same purpose for every project. That bin I refer to as, “relocate”.

When you start a big organizing project and it involves decluttering and sorting it can be easy to get distracted when you have to relocate an item into another room. By having a relocate bin/s for other rooms you can worry about those items later. BUT! There are guidelines in order to efficiently use this system.

Rules for “Relocate” Bin:

  1. Label each bin for which room it will go.
  2. Be realistic with what you are adding to these bins.
  3. Don’t add anything that can’t be put away easily (You want to make sure you aren’t creating side projects by adding items in which a whole other organizing project is created.)
  4. Keep time and energy to make sure the bins are emptied.
  5. If the bins are growing too high. Take a break and empty them during the project so it isn’t overwhelming to tackle.
  6. Ask for help from a friend or family member if the items are easy to relocate and put away.

Example of how to utilize a relocate bin:

Imagine you are organizing your basement and you find some tools that you thought would stay in the basement. However, you have a tool chest upstairs in the garage.

If you are not sure where to relocate something because it does not have a designated home, put it as close as possible in the vicinity to items that it is related to. Think of your things as family and relatives or friends and acquaintances. Flashlights and headlamps are like family but a book light is more like a relative. They all serve similar purposes, but are used for different activities and may not live together.

This method is when you are trying to put away and relocate a pile of items at the end of a project. You may have limited energy left. It is important to put the items away with purpose vs. shoving it anywhere and forgetting about it.

If you have something like a book light and you don’t know where it should live, stick it with the flashlights in the meantime. You may decide later that it might be best to live with friends like the books you are currently reading on the side table by the couch, or acquaintances like books marks in your nightstand.

Happy Organizing!


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